Lasavia Healing

SuminagashiLasavia arises out of the understanding of the spiral; that we all arise from source and are connected to all things through this unity. Lasavia Healing offers Essences, Personal Remedies and Courses.
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Lasavia Publishing

Lasavia PublishingLasavia is dedicated to the publication of the best fiction, non-fiction and poetry. We have three imprints so far, 99% Press for fiction and poetry (liberate literature!), TP Press for non-fiction, and Beansprout Press for Children's Fiction. Read More >>

Leila Lees

Leila LeesLeila is a teacher and facilitator in nature awareness, shamanism and plant spirit medicine. She has a range of vibrational medicine LASAVIA Essences and works with the medicine of our nature allies... Read More >>



Healing with Leila

Seeing and PerceivingI am a mediator between dimensions, the physical and the non-physical. In supporting people to access their own gifts and talents, I bring them to an expanded awareness where they can access their own ability to connect with the energy behind this physical world. Read More >>

Mike Johnson

Mike JohnsonWriter, teacher, poet, impersonator… more than thirty years and I still can’t get used to writing about myself in the third person. Shall I make up a self for you?



Residence on Earth Blogs

THIRST-WATER-LEVELResidence on Earth is the name of a book of poems by great Chilean Poet, Pablo Neruda, in which, with exquisite felicity, he describes the joys and sorrows of being a human and living on planet earth. So named, the blogs here focus on our relationship with the planet and material world.  Read More >>